Start Your Horse Lovers Early!

No Longer On The Sidelines

For any horse-loving family, the love for horses and competitions are often handed down generation to generation. As a whole family, you attend fairs and competitions to either watch horses compete or root for your own. At home, you share the work and labor that comes with owning horses. When it comes to playing, no doubt each person has their own horse or you take turns sharing a horse or horses. However, there is an experience typically reserved for older kids and adults where younger children are left out to wait. Jumping.

While jumping can be, at times, dangerous for those who aren’t trained, oftentimes, younger children are left out of jumping training because the jumps aren’t made with them in mind. They’re typically built to the same varying degrees of difficulty found in competition. After all, you’re not exactly training the horse and rider if you’re training them on easy jumps. As such, kids often have to wait until they’re older in order to start training to jumps. That’s a valuable time where they could actually be trained to jump horses and get a headstart on the competition. As such, Old Dominion fixed the main problem when it comes to kids and jumps by creating kids horse jumps that not only serve a purpose but are engaging and fun to look at, too.

Make It A Family Adventure Again

By procuring the jumps crafted specifically for kids from Old Dominion, families can not only help their new stars start their jumping training early–which could put them miles ahead of the competition–they also include them in all of the family activities once more. Children won’t have to sit idly on the sidelines any longer and feel left out of the fun. Instead, these jumps–colored brilliantly and fun–can be pulled out, and they can mount their specific horse and have as much fun as the rest of the family. By training together, you can promote safe jumping