Does dressage for cats help?

Nowadays, much is said about training the cats. Conditioned as some people do with dogs, felines increasingly perform various tricks and obey their tutors with excellence. Cats by nature tend to do what they want, however they want, but this is changing over time, as they are getting closer and closer to us and we tend to be fascinated with us.

Felines do not tend to follow their human papal as devotedly as dogs, and that, in the opinion of many people, is what makes them so amazing. Do we want to make cats look more and more like dogs? If so, it is hard to believe that this will one day happen and more than that: it would not be worth taking the essence of one to assimilate with the other.

How to train a cat

It is perfectly possible to train a kitten, but it requires a lot of patience, hours of dedication and a lot of treats and other types of reward, such as a beautiful hunt for your favorite toy. You can order several accessories for your kitten at

Cats that are frustrated with the task will hardly do it again, so it is extremely important to know how to conduct the training properly and in a way that is attractive to it. Today there are several books that talk about the subject and guide the parents of felines to teach their four-legged children.

Whenever your kitten obeys a command or does a trick as you would like, speak nicely to him and offer a treat or have him play. Cats, when pursuing an object, simulate a real hunt and should always be rewarded at the end with food (because that is what would happen in nature if they were even hunting an animal).

Domestic felines still have their instincts very outlined and the individuality of the animal and the particularities of its species must be taken into account at all times.

Education and training is not the same thing

Educating a cat properly, on the other hand, is the key to good cohabitation with the pussy. Although they are very intelligent and do not need to be educated about hygiene habits, for example, they need to know that they cannot climb on the dining table and go over the visitors’ plates, just as they need to be aware of that they should not climb the curtain or drop objects from the shelves.