An Article Your Dog Wants You To Read

Dogs are such special animals and are very loyal to their owners and loved ones. If you own a dog, I am sure they greet you as soon as you come home and give you an abundance of love the minute you walk through the door. That’s one of the perks that come with owning a dog, but there are a few other pointers that your dog is itching for you to know! It doesn’t matter what kind of breed your dog is or if you adopted a handicapped dog, each one of these pointers apply to all kinds of dogs.

First things first, your dog wants and needs to be in a safe environment- and a loving one for that matter. In order for your dog to feel comfortable, you need to make sure that your home is accommodating to them. This means having the space for your dog to live and move comfortable along with the necessary equipment your dog might need. For example: if your dog is missing one leg- he will need appropriate equipment to get around comfortable or easy access to a backyard that would not include your pet climbing up or down 20 stairs.

Your dog wants you to feed it well. Make sure you are aware of the ingredients in your dog’s food and that they are eating healthy and nutritious dog food to help prevent diseases from happening. It is also important to not overfeed them. Make sure they are consuming the right amount of food each day, as well as their water intake. If a dog is not drinking enough water, this can be very harmful to them. If you happen to notice something is not right with your dog or they are not eating or drinking enough- I would highly recommend you taking them to the vet. A dog’s life is not one to mess around with, just like if something is seriously wrong with your child. You would not think twice to rush them to the hospital, so it’s important to use the same caution with your animal- and yes your dog wants you to know that.

Last but not least, your dog has feelings too. It wants to be loved in return. Take time out of your day, when you get home from work or school to show your dog just how much you care about them. A little bit of love goes a long way. You might not realize but your tone of voice really impacts the mood of your dog. If you are being aggressive and negative towards your dog, this will hurt their feelings. Make sure to use a soft-loveable tone when speaking with your pet and praising them. If you are trying to teach them a lesson or a new trick, make sure to use a firm tone. Treating your pet in this manner will go a long way in your relationship with your dog and it’s important to treat your pet the same way you would want to be treated.