Why Should You Adopt Kansas City Dogs From Shelters Instead Of Pet Stores?

In Missouri, a larger volume of dogs is adopted from pet stores than local shelters. However, the repercussion on these shelter animals is that they are at a higher risk of dying. According to statistics, dogs in shelters, while they are cared for properly, are euthanized at an alarming rate. The reason for this is the lack of funding for the shelters. The following is a review of why families should adopt kansas city dogs from shelters more often.

Lower Access to Families

While the shelter is open daily, it doesn’t present the higher probability of access to families as acquired through pet stores. The pet stores are often open for extended hours, and the pets are on display in a more positive way. For this reason, the pet store animals could be more appealing to would-be owners.

Crowded Living Conditions

Shelters also present these animals with crowded living conditions. If you are a dog lover, you should consider the benefits of adopting from shelters for these reasons. While the shelter workers do their part to care for the animals, they cannot provide all these animals with the love they deserve. And due to overcrowding, the dogs are often placed in kennels together. This could present them with the possibility of unavoidable injuries.

A Lack of Resources

All shelters operate based on donations received from local residents and agencies. They aren’t guaranteed that they will have the funds needed to provide for the animals each month. For this reason, tough and devastating decisions are often made.

Longer Waits for Adoption

The animals in these shelters could face a longer wait for adoption. This could in some instances present these beautiful dogs with a life of only knowing the shelter and not a loving family. A family who adopts from the shelter can give these animals the ultimate gift.

In Missouri, each year dogs lose their lives after they are sent to local shelters. The reasons for these fatalities equates to a lack of space and resources to provide appropriately for the animals. Local families that wish to adopt from shelters instead of pet stores can lower the risk of these deaths. If you wish to adopt an amazing dog, visit your local animal shelter today.