Ready To Adopt A Cat ? Where To Go To Find One

Are you excited about getting your cat, whether it is your first or you?re twentieth? I am. I get excited each time at the thought of getting a new cat. They just fill me up with so much joy and love, that I just cannot help but to get excited about bringing a new one home. We do not have a lot of cats, but we would have tons of them if we had the room for all of them.

So, where do you go to get your cat? There are several places you can go. I would first check with friends and family to see if they know of anyone who has cats or kittens that need a good home, often times you can get them for free this way. We received our first kitten, Tiggy, six years ago from one of my former co-workers. She had found some kittens in her barn that appeared to have lost their mom. She kept an eye on them to see if their mom would return, and when she did not return to them, they were taken in by her. She started to care for them and prepared to find them a home. I immediately told her that I would take one, as my husband and I were thinking about getting one. My husband went and picked out Tiggy and brought her home. A month later we decided to get her a playmate and returned to get her sister, Cuddles.

You can also check your local animal shelter to see if they have any cats or kittens that you would be interested in adopting. A fostering family is another good place to start because they know the cat or kitten?s behavior and can give you a little history about them. A pet store could also have that precious little bundle of joy that you are looking to bring home. You can also find your new little kitty online using a pet search service, like Pet Finder.

I used Pet Finder to search for another cat to fill our home and hearts. We had just lost Cuddles to an illness and I was ready to find another kitty to love and share our home with. As I searched Pet Finder I found so many that we would love to have, and I enjoyed my experience with Pet Finder as it gave me only the results that I was looking for. I did not get a whole list of animals in locations that I was not interested in because I created a specific search and I only received the results of what I wanted. And that is how I found Leena and Cooper. I just fell in love with Leena and when I saw that the fostering family was trying to adopt Cooper with her, I didn?t have the heart to separate them. Besides Cooper was just so cute and adorable and has a comical appearance and personality.

I have found some wonderful companions from friends and by searching Pet Finder. You will find that perfect kitty companion for you also. Just start looking and the one that was meant for you will appear.