Keeping Dogs Safe During Road Trips

It is not surprising that dogs frequently tag along on family vacations. They are considered by many to be a member of the family. The companionship and happiness they provide make them an enjoyable addition to a road trip, but this type of activity does require some pre-planning to make it safe for the dog.

Prepare for Illness

Carsickness may become an issue on long drives even if it is not one on short trips. Pack plenty of old towels and blankets and keep the seats covered, just in case. Talk to the vet about motion sickness medication if they have had problems in the past. Never start the trip when they have a full stomach.

Keep Them Safe

Use either a crash-safe dog crate during the trip or a pet seat belt to keep them in place. Loose pets cause accidents every year by distracting their drivers.

Bring Their Documents

Bring along recent vet records. They may be required at the hotel or another location during the visit. They are also very important if the pet is involved in any type of altercation.

Prevent a Loss

Have a microchip implanted and attach an ID tag with a current mobile number to their collar. Consider purchasing a custom collar and leash with a mobile number embroidered into the material. This is useful for backup if the tag is lost or damaged.

Remember Their Needs

Stop at least once an hour for bathroom breaks and exercise. Provide them with a small amount of water and dry food at each stop. Wait at least 10 minutes after feeding to allow the food to settle.

Schedule Some Playtime

Consider other options if pets are not welcome at every stop on the itinerary. Research local dog daycare centers or spas ahead of time to keep the pet busy. Keep the dog kenneled and inform the front desk if the pet will be alone for more than an hour or two.

It is enjoyable to travel with dogs if humans remember they have special requirements. They should never be left alone in vehicles. Not every business location is pet-friendly and not every pet will enjoy being away from home for a long period of time. Avoid traveling with pets that are normally hyper or exhibit bad behaviors. Their personality could be magnified with the excitement of the trip.